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            RIZ TRANSMITTERS 10-100 SW



            photo RIZ Transmitters 10-100 SW These Vertically Polarized Single Mast Inverted Cone Antennas are developed in order to cover needs for simple and frequency extremely wide SW antennas, applicable in mobile and/or stationary service. Each antenna comprises a single base insulated tower, 25m height, supporting a curtain of radiators that diverge from the top of the tower, and converge again at the bottom of the tower, and the grounding screen. The inverted cone radiator wires are electrically connected to a continuous circulating catenary.

            This catenary is held out from the tower by twelve insulated guys.

            The tower and lower apex of the cone are connected to the upper base plate which is insulated from the ground by the base insulator. The tower and radiating cone are directly feed through the 50 ohms RF coaxial transmission line without additional matching. These antennas have an omniazimuthal radiation pattern and provide both ground wave and sky wave service over SW broadcast bands.

            The antenna can be directly connected to a 50 ohms RF coaxial transmission line.

            The Inverted Cone SW Antennas has the following advantages:

            MODEL RIZ-10 SW RIZ-20 SW RIZ-50 SW RIZ-100 SW
            Carrier Power 10 kW 20 kW 50 kW 100 kW
            Frequency 3.2 - 26.1 MHz
            Polarization Vertical
            Azimuth Beam width Omnidirectional within ±0.75 dB
            Elevation Take-off Angle Zero degrees for ground wave and higher TOA for sky wave
            Modulation 100% AM Modulation
            VSWR better than 2:1
            Environmental 160 km per hour wind, no ice
            Mast Height 25 m
            Ground Screen 60 wires, 3 mm diameter, length as mast height
            Gay Anchors Screw in type
            Input Connector 50 ohms, EIA flanges
            1-5/8" EIA 1-5/8" EIA 3-1/8" EIA 4-1/16" EIA